«Tumor-targeted costimulatory trimerbodies for cancer Immunotherapy”- A brief discussion with Juan Perez Villar, CEO, LEADARTIS.

«Tumor-targeted costimulatory trimerbodies for cancer Immunotherapy”- A brief discussion with Juan Perez Villar, CEO, LEADARTIS.

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Juan-Jose-Perez-VillarDoctor in Immunology from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), extensive international career in the biopharmaceutical industry at Astellas Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (USA). Experienced R&D leader in immune-oncology (IO). Previously, participated in preclinical development of CD28 biologic modulators for inflammatory conditions, small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors and fully human antibodies for advanced solid tumors at Leadartis. He advanced the company from start to capitalize on the immuno-oncology (IO) market. Evaluated and repositioned the platform technology to create IO bispecific antibody dominance and created a proprietary next generation product pipeline for clinical development

Marketsandmarkets talked with Juan about his upcoming presentation and his newfound developments in the arenas of Immuno-oncology. Their own research and learnings in the field and organization & their take on the conference program.  

Question: What are the recent advances in the immune-oncology and current challenges that need immediate attention?

Juan Perez: A variety of BsAb formats have been generated. According to the structure of Fc domain, BsAb can be classified into two types: IgG-like format and Fc-free format. BsAb has achieved an exciting breakthrough in hematological malignancies but limited outcome in solid tumor as showed in various clinical trials. We need to generate new non toxic configurations that overcome this limitations.

Question: What is the key take away point from your presentation topic which will help in building the knowledge base of attendees? 

Juan Perez: Bispecific Hexavalent Trimerbodies (BHTs) are multi-valent bispecific costimulatory tumor targeted antibodies directed against two clinically validated targets, on effector T lymphocytes and other tumor specific. Preclinical results exhibit in vivo tumor regression + generation of long-lasting anti-tumor immune memory and synergy with PD-1 (-L1) blockers. Contrary to conventional mAbs, BHTs are non-toxic (i.e. devoid of systemic inflammation and hepatotoxicity or splenomegaly) and present appropriate pharmacological properties.

Juan Perez Villar, is our esteemed speaker at  4th Annual MarketsandMarkets Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Virtual Congress-US Edition to be held on 28th- 01 July, 2021.. He will be presenting on the Day 1 of the conference on the topic – ‘Tumor-targeted costimulatory trimerbodies for cancer immunotherapy.’

To Know more about the presentation, visit our website – https://bit.ly/2PKXNvN

If you wish to learn a great deal from him about the IO Research and drug development in cancer, then register online or email aradhna.robert@marketsandmarkets.com to book your slot at the conference.HealthcarePharmacancer immunotherapychemotherapyimmune checkpoint Inhibitorsimmuno oncologyImmunotherapypersonalized immunotherapy

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