Collaborations & Publications


Leadartis is fully engaged in collaboration agreements with companies, excellence research centers and universities including:

  • Selexis SA. A Swiss company engaged in GMP compliant antibody manufacturing for preclinical and clinical studies.
  • Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO, Madrid, Spain) to address the structures of the Trimerbody-based molecules and the Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases (CNIC, Madrid, Spain) to validate alternative anti-tumor mechanisms including enhancing tumor antigen presentation (APC engagement).
  • Cancer Research Technology UK. The world’s leading independent cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research, influence and information.
  • Foundation for Biomedical Research at the 12 de Octubre and Puerta de Hierro University Hospitals (Madrid, Spain) focused on conducting efficacy, safety, immunogenicity, pharmacokinetics and biodistribution studies in animal models.
  • Centre for Applied Medical Research (CIMA, Pamplona, Spain) to address the in vivo efficacy of Trimerbody-based molecules in experimental models of cancer.
  • Research Biomedicine Institute Alberto Sols (IIBm, Madrid, Spain) to assess the intracellular signaling events induced by specific candidate molecules.



The following are a selected recent set of the most relevant publications attaining the Trimebody technology:

  • An Fc-free EGFR-specific 4-1BB-agonistic Trimerbody Displays Broad Antitumor Activity in Humanized Murine Cancer Models without Toxicity. Marta Compte and al. Clin. Can Res. 2021

  • A tumor-targeted trimeric 4-1BB-agonistic antibody induces potent anti-tumor immunity without systemic toxicity.

Marta Compte et al. Nature Communications. 2018

  • ATTACK, a novel bispecific T cell-recruiting antibody with trivalent EGFR binding and monovalent CD3 binding for cancer immunotherapy.

Harwood, SL et al. OncoImmunology. 2017  

  • Intramolecular trimerization, a novel strategy for making multispecific antibodies with controlled orientation of the antigen binding domains Alvarez-Cienfuegos A, et al. Sci. Rep. Nature publishing group. 2016.

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