Intellectual property

EP21382188: Trimeric polypeptides and uses thereof in the Treatment of cancer. PCT stage.

The invention relates to the field of cancer therapeutics and, more particularly, to therapeutic agents which are trimeric polypeptide complexes formed by the collagen homotrimerization domain.

EP18382401: Trimeric polypeptide complexes and uses thereof. National phases stage.

The invention relates to trimeric polypeptide complexes derived from the collagen homotrimerization domain for stimulating anti-tumor immunity without increasing systemic toxicity.

EP16382003: Novel multivalent antibodies, Methods for obtaining the same and uses thereof. Granted

The invention relates to the field of biomedicine and antibody engineering. Specifically, it relates to mono and multispecific multivalent antibodies comprised in a single polypeptide, preferably to multispecific tandem trimerbodies with defined stoichiometry, to nucleic acid sequences and vectors encoding thereof, and host cells expressing the same. It further relates to methods of producing thereof, pharmaceutical compositions, kits, methods of treatment, use as diagnostics or imaging reagents and combination therapies using thereof.

EP2646465: Generation of multifunctional and multivalent polypeptide complexes with collagen XVIII trimerization domain. Granted

The invention relates to the design of trimeric polypeptide complexes using polypeptide structural elements derived from the collagen XVIII protein, and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic systems in vivo and in vitro. The invention also relates to nucleic acids and vectors useful for producing said trimeric complexes.

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