LeadArtis participates in the IACT Kick-off meeting

The IACT Kick-off meeting took place November 12, 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. Representatives of all partners, including all general assembly members and representatives of management team participated in the meeting. IACT Kick-off meeting focused around the work […]

LeadArtis collaborate on next-generation Trimerbody® products

LeadArtis S.L. announced that published proof-of-concept data with a new Trimerbody® molecule. Trimerbody® molecules based in human collagen XV exhibited excellent antigen binding capacity, and demonstrated greater thermal and serum stability and resistance to protease digestion than […]

The CDTI has awarded Leadartis with a NEOTEC loan

The Center for Industrial Technological Development (www.cdti.es), a Spanish governmental body dependent on the Ministry of Science and Innovation has granted a NEOTEC loan to Leadartis for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic candidates.

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