LeadArtis´s proprietary Trimerbody® technology can be adapted to numerous protein configurations. One such key configuration includes monoclonal antibody (mAb) formatting which provides advantages over conventional mAbs including extensive and multiple simultaneous targeting, reduced size which could entail higher tissue penetrance, higher avidity/affinity for targets and a variety of effector possibilities such as immune system modulation, receptor agonism/antagonism, soluble factor neutralization and payload delivery.

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Schematic representation of a monospecific scFv-based N- terminal trimerbody (A), and a bispecific N-/C- terminal trimerbody (B)

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Functional characterization of purified trimerbodies. Reducing SDS-PAGE of purified N- trimebody (L36N) and N/C- trimerbody (L36N/COKT3) (A), antigen titration ELISA against plastic immobilized LK-111 (B) and FACS on CD3+ Jurkat cells (C).

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Serum stability of purified trimerbodies. ELISA against plastic immobilized LM-111 was performed after incubation 37ºC for different time periods in human serum.

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