LeadArtis to present at the final Chemostart pitching initiative in recognition of its highly innovative R&D activity

The Chemostart initiative (sponsored by the Chemo company) launched in 2018 as a call for innovative projects focused on adding value to biomedical research. The effort wants to contribute to the discovery of drugs for diseases unmet needs, supporting the best biomedical science. Consequently, the Chemostart initiative (http://www.insudpharma.com/es/chemostart#colaboremos) is meant to promoting the best innovative projects. As a result of an extremely competitive assessment of hundreds of ventures, LeadArtis immune-oncology therapeutic project has nominated between the twelve finalist projects and invited to present at the final pitching day to be held on January 31st, 2019.  
LeadArtis is a preclinical stage health biotechnology company located in Madrid (www.leadartis.com) focused on developing tumor targeted multivalent and multispecific immune stimulating antibodies through its unique Trimerbody® technology. The Trimerbodies exhibit excellent antigen binding capacity, functionality and stability.

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