LeadArtis presents its cancer fighting bispecific antibody programs in Seville at BioSpain 2018


Leadartis has participated in BioSpain 2018 held in Seville, Spain (September, 25-27th). BioSpain, the most important biotechnology event in Spain and one of the most highly regarded internationally, was chosen to reveal the immuno-oncology (IO) antibody programs to the investment community.

LeadArtis develops proprietary tumor targeted Bispecific Hexavalent Trimerbodies (BHT) with clinically validated mechanisms of action for advanced cancers. The lead product is scheduled to enter preclinical development. Essentially, tumor-targeted BHTs deliver safe and effective T cell costimulation in preclinical models of cancer. Further, the BHT platform provides a convenient plug-and-play IO platform where suitable Tumor Associated Antigens (TAAs) are conveniently used to activate cancer killer T-cells to find and destroy tumors

BioSpain is organized by ASEBIO (Spanish association of biotechnology companies) and co-organized by several local institutions including the regional government and biopharmaceutical companies. The Congress includes a trade exhibition, a partnering event, an investment forum and plenary conferences on varied subjects with international speakers. This year the Congress has hosted over 3000 participants and 800 companies and institutions from 40 countries, including Portugal, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Russia and India.

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