LeadArtis discloses the IMAB project funded by the CDTI´s Excellence initiative


LeadArtis announces the initiation of the IMAB project (Cancer immunotherapy with bispecific antibodies) funded by the Centre for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI) under the recently launched PID Excellence Program. The CDTI’s Project Excellence driver acknowledges highly regarded technologies and provides with top financing conditions.

LeadArtis generates bispecific hexavalent antibodies exploiting the expression of two cell surface antigens, one a costimulatory molecule on the effector T cells and the other a tumor-associated antigen (TAA) on the tumor cells. The anti-TAA specificity allows efficient location of the bispecific antibody into the tumor deposits, providing a more efficient interaction with the costimulatory antigen expressed on the surface of tumor infiltrating T lymphocytes. Our company focuses on clinically validated mechanisms of action synergistic when combining individual mAbs (IgG type). LeadArtis exploits its proprietary trimerbody® technology to generate the fully human bispecific hexavalent trimerbodies as candidates for development.

LeadArtis is the leading company aiming to bring to the market cancer immunotherapeutic trimerbodies. Despite recent advances in the field, most of the current initiatives are early stage and exploratory. Currently, most of current immune-checkpoint blockers in development are conventional monoclonal antibodies (mAbs); comparatively, recombinant antibody technologies are strongly positioned and shortly will become preferred for clinically validated mechanisms of action. The trimerbody added value is multivalence and multispecificity, small size & ease of manufacturing to generate more effective compounds.

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