LeadArtis awarded with a RIS3 grant from the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid in recognition of its highly innovative R&D activity.


The Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Community of Madrid (MEFCAM), following the recommendations of the European Union, has established the regional strategy for research and innovation for smart specialization of the Community of Madrid framework (hereinafter RIS3) to support the development of highly specialized innovating companies with a requirement of permanent competitiveness. Consequently, the RIS3 grants are meant to increase innovative activity within the industry promoting innovative projects. As a result of an extremely competitive assessment of hundreds of business projects and companies, LeadArtis has been awarded with a substantial endowment that will be used to advancing its immune-oncology therapeutics pipeline.

LeadArtis is a preclinical stage health biotechnology company located in Madrid (www.leadartis.com) focused on producing multivalent immune stimulating antibodies through its unique Trimerbody® technology. The Trimerbodies exhibit excellent antigen binding capacity, functionality and stability.

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