LeadArtis to present at the final Chemostart pitching initiative in recognition of its highly innovative R&D activity

The Chemostart initiative (sponsored by the Chemo company) launched in 2018 as a call for innovative projects focused on adding value to biomedical research. The effort wants to contribute to the discovery of drugs for diseases unmet needs, supporting the best biomedical science. Consequently, the Chemostart initiative (http://www.insudpharma.com/es/chemostart#colaboremos) is meant to promoting the best innovative projects.

Leadartis discloses the project: ATTACK-Cancer immunotherapy by bispecific antibodies that recruit T lymphocytes


LeadArtis is pleased to announce its participation as coordinator of the ATTACK project (Cancer immunotherapy by bispecific antibodies that recruit T lymphocytes) funded Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (MICINN) under the RETOS 2017 Collaboration program. ATTACK counts with collaborators such as the internationally regarded: Fundación para la Investigación Biomédica del Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO).

Medical oncologist Dr. Luis Paz-Ares MD, Ph.D joins Leadartis´ scientific advisory board


Luis Paz-Ares MD, PhD. Chair of the Medical Oncology Department at the Hospital 12 de Octubre, Associate, Professor at the Universidad Complutense and Head of the Lung Cancer Unit at the CNIO (National Oncology Research Center) in Madrid, Spain recently has joined Leadartis´ scientific advisory board. He graduated in Medicine and completed his PhD at the Universidad Autonoma Madrid (UAM).

Nature Communications: LeadArtis outlines a new bispecific antibody that could hold the key to activate cancer killer T-cells to find and destroy highly prevalent tumors


LeadArtis and collaborators have published in the highly regarded scientific journal Nature Communications a new tactic to generate a tumor-targeted bispecific antibody to target a particularly relevant immune receptor, 4-1BB, which can activate cancer killer T-cells to erradicate tumors.

Investigadores crean molécula eficaz ante el progreso de células tumorales



Madrid, 15 nov (EFE).- Un grupo de investigadores del Hospital 12 de Octubre de Madrid ha coordinado el diseño de una nueva molécula que reducirá la progresión de células tumorales de una forma más segura y eficaz, que supone un avance en el tratamiento con inmunoterapia que se aplicará a todo tipo de cáncer.

LeadArtis project finalist of the Kaertor and J&J innovation award in recognition of its highly innovative R&D activity

The Kærtor Foundation together with Janssen (a Johnson & Johnson company) launched in 2018 a call for expressions of interest, focused on adding value to biomedical research from the I2D2 (Incubation Innovation in Drug Discovery) program. The foundation wanted to contribute in this way to the discovery of drugs for diseases without therapeutic solutions, supporting the best biomedical science on the mechanisms of the disease. Consequently, the I2D2 initiative is meant to promoting innovative projects.

LeadArtis presents its cancer fighting bispecific antibody programs in Seville at BioSpain 2018


Leadartis has participated in BioSpain 2018 held in Seville, Spain (September, 25-27th). BioSpain, the most important biotechnology event in Spain and one of the most highly regarded internationally, was chosen to reveal the immuno-oncology (IO) antibody programs to the investment community.

LeadArtis discloses ATTACK, a novel bispecific T cell-recruiting antibody approach for cancer immunotherapy


LeadArtis´scientists, in collaboration with other prime research institutions, have developed a new tactic to generate multispecific T-cell recruiting antibodies to eradicate cancers.

LeadArtis participates in the fourth Immunostimulatory Agonist Antibodies for Cancer Therapy (IACT) meeting in London (UK)


The fourth IACT review meeting took place on October 25-26, 2017 in London, United Kingdom. LeadArtis is a partner in the Immunostimulatory Agonist Antibodies for Cancer Therapy effort, a 6.9M€ funding initiative which incorporates long-standing expertise in agonist immunostimulatory antibodies (IS-Abs) from research institutions and small-medium enterprises (SEM) in five European countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom).

Leadartis successfully accomplishes the TERET project


Leadartis is proud to announce the successful conclusion of the TERET (New Treatments for Degenerative Retina Diseases) project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) under the RETOS program. The aim of TERET was the development of the next generation of angiogenic blockers where new compounds with greater efficacy and reduced side effects without compromising eye visual acuity of the patients are essential.

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