Leadartis is part of the Genoma España´s Technology Portfolio


In 2008 LeadArtis signed an agreement with Genoma España, and it has been incorporated to its Technology Portfolio (www.gen-es.com.es). The agreement supported the creation of the company and represented an infusion of resources to finance LeadArtis´start-up activities.

Latest News

Leadartis closes the investment round in 14 days with an overfunding of 25%

We are pleased to inform you that the investment round has been successfully closed, raising a...

Fund Raising Update: Round completed

In only ten days Leadartis has completed 100% of its fund-raising needs.

We thank you all...

Leadartis presenting at the AseBio Investor Day 2020

Leadartis will be presenting its business proposal at the AseBio Investor Day (...