Leadartis uses its novel and unique technological platforms to develop therapeutics in areas of highly unmet medical need where the Trimerbodies offers a clear advantage to existing products and technologies.

LeadArtis aims to develop differentiated and innovative medicines with the potential to make a real difference to patients, and to create sustainable value for all its stakeholders.

We employ a balanced business model by investing directly in our own development programs as well as collaborative projects with partners at all stages of discovery and development. Furthermore, we offer our technology to partners interested in developing targeted drugs benefiting from the Trimerbody format (via the Trimerbody Formatting Service). When appropriate, LeadArtis retains some rights to commercialize these products. Ultimately, we aim to develop LeadArtis into a fully integrated pharmaceutical company by retaining commercial rights to several of these programs in major markets. For this purpose, we join forces with pharmaceutical companies in order to create strategic co-development alliances.

Latest News

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